Non-Custodial, Wallet to wallet Atomic Swap Platform

Migration to Uniswap v3, CEX Listing, New Token Metrics and More…

Dear Meliorans,

We are happy and excited to share October updates and good news with you!

The goal from the start has been to create decentralized, trustless, non-custodial products. Recently, we have released our first product MeliWallet. It’s available…

July Roadmap

In this article we are going to present our up-to-date roadmap some information about the products we are working on. We will also talk about some of our ideas that evolved and matured throughout the process.


When we entered the world of decentralization, we saw that we are not that…

Post-Launch Recap

As a core group of three people, we are truly delighted for what we have achieved up to now. We want to thank all our early supporters and public sale contributors. Without you we could not make such an amazing launch! Below you will find some facts about the first…

We are happy to share the Public Sale details with the whole community. We received hundreds of requests regarding the public sale after our successful Early Supporter round. In this round, we raised 100 ETH, the Ethereum wallet holding these funds is :


And finally, Public Sale details are…

Overview of the MORA Tokenomics

Key Metrics:

Ticker: MORA

Token Type: Utility Token

Total Token Supply: 5500000 MORA

Initial Circulating Supply: 2375000 (43% of total supply upon Uniswap listing)

Token Sales

1970000 MORA tokens will be distributed via token sales. This makes 35.80% of total token supply. There will be two rounds of token sale.

  • Early Supporter Round: 450000…

Under The Hood

The blockchain industry, which began with Bitcoin, is basically a component of the financial system, and the exchange acts as its backbone, offering liquidity and value discovery. After years of progress, the blockchain industry has witnessed exponential growth in both the form and quantity of digital assets, ranging from Bitcoin…


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