Post Launch Recap & Staking

3 min readMar 30, 2021

Post-Launch Recap

As a core group of three people, we are truly delighted for what we have achieved up to now. We want to thank all our early supporters and public sale contributors. Without you we could not make such an amazing launch! Below you will find some facts about the first days of Meliora in the market.

380 ETH was raised in less than 2 minutes.

MORA listed on Uniswap soon after public sale ended, total of $500K liquidity was locked into the smart contract.

MORA made over $18M volume on Uniswap in its first day.

MORA was No1 on DexTools trending tokens list for hours.

MORA peaked at $2.5 which is 6 times higher than the token sale price.

Bilaxy Exchange listed MORA for free.

MORA got listed on Live Coin Watch and CoinGecko coin & token aggregates.

Meliora telegram group has exceeded 1400 members.

Meliora Twitter account has exceeded 1100 followers.

About Tokenomics

Team & Development Funds (1.6M MORA) are locked by the smart contract.

The duration of the cliff is 6 months, and then %20 will be released monthly.

Vesting Contract:


Staking Reserve (1M MORA) tokens are vested in the contract below.

Staking Contract: 0xD4f6CE188631e0d8109055d56815a8f91C24E0C6

Token Sale smart contract sent 5,274 MORA to the burn address, so 5,274 MORA has been removed from circulation forever. New maximum total supply is 5 494 726 MORA.


We are happy to announce that MORA staking will commence on March 31st at 17:00 UTC. Meliora offers flexible staking. Holders can unstake anytime they want except the first 24 hours. Staking rewards are distributed per block. There are three staking tiers whose APY vary depending on the staked amount.


Minimum amount to be staked is 2000 MORA, and the maximum is 6999 MORA. Caelus stakers will get 50% APY.


Minimum amount to be staked is 7000 MORA, and the maximum is 15999 MORA. Chronos stakers will get 70% APY.


Minimum amount to be staked is 15000 MORA, and there is no limitation for the maximum amount. Pantheon stakers will get 90% APY.

Staking will last 5 months and 1M MORA tokens are already vested in the staking contract. As per audit firm recommendation, we changed the monthly excess token burn structure. There will not be monthly token burns. However, at the end of 5 months all the undistributed tokens in the contract will be burnt forever. To illustrate, if all the 2.4M tokens in circulation are staked for 90% APY (which is not possible though) for 5 months, 900000 MORA will be distributed as staking rewards. Even in this extreme scenario, 100000 MORA will be burnt at the end of staking period. We welcome all long-term token holders to stake their holdings to make passive income.

About Meliora

Meliora is a Decentralized P2P Cross-chain Swap Protocol. Meliora provides from wallet to wallet, trust-less, permission-less, and secure swaps. Meliora will be one stop trading solution for multichain swaps. Meliora will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos, Polkadot, Tron, Avalanche blockchains.

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