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July Roadmap

4 min readJul 7, 2021

In this article we are going to present our up-to-date roadmap some information about the products we are working on. We will also talk about some of our ideas that evolved and matured throughout the process.


When we entered the world of decentralization, we saw that we are not that free. We then realized trying to create something ignoring some data like working together, general status of the market and the expectations of the investors would bring failure very soon. Our goal is to build an ecosystem where people can do transactions safely without depending on a central authority and creating products that people can use easily. Of course, while doing this, we had long meetings about profit/loss. Now, I don’t want to take your time any longer and I will get to the point.

Creating an Ecosystem

Since we set off, we have known both the ecosystem better and some of our ideas have matured. Instead of describing ourselves as cursing the present system and writing new rules instead, we have come to the idea that trying to develop updated products which people will show interest in will be better for both our and the society’s sake. On reflection of this idea, during the process of creating a wallet, we enlarged our team and came up with and started to work on three different products.

We put Mora Token in the center while we were designing our products. We made it our priority that Mora Token holders will get benefit or a privilege.


1. MeliWallet

We are sharing a short video that demonstrates simple functions of our main product, the wallet application.

We work very hard to add new functions to our wallet application. For now, we have completed and tested all functions of a multichain and non-custodial wallet where you can securely manage your funds. Along with this, we have completed and we are now testing the Dex Browser function where you can directly connect to your wallet and do your transaction.

And we are happy to announce that we will release MeliWALLET up and running by the end of this month. I would like to emphasize that this version of our wallet has nothing less in terms of function than one of the most known products in the market, TrustWallet.

2. MeliNFT

One of the interesting topics recently has no doubt been NFTs and looking at the direction of the market it is not hard to see that the interest has been growing. We have designed a platform where users can create and sell their own NFTs. Our product that we named MeliNFT is about to be ready and will be ready for use on July 15 on the Ethereum Testnet and its codes will be open and available to everyone on Github. Designing our product, for the sake of providing benefit to Mora token holders, we added a “buy-back/burn” function that depend on the sum of transaction fees.

3. MeliPAD

Another product that we have almost completed is our MeliPAD project. It is a platform where users, if they wish to, can create their own sales in a completely decentralized manner. Apart from that, teams who wish to create their own ICO/Presale that fit our criteria can do so as well. Of course, we didn’t forget about Mora holders while designing this product. Two of the benefits are:

  • Buyback / Burn Function
  • Mora Holders will have priority to participate the ICO/Presale that we analyzed in terms of coding.

Smart Contract of our product is completed. We are planning to conclude the audit process and smart contract tests within this month.

Also, we have made some moves towards making partnership deals in order to provide some necessities like audit, KYC and software examination that we deem vital for projects that want to make sales with our sponsorship on MeliPad.

4. MeliSWAP

Another product that we started to work on is MeliSwap. As you can understand from the name, this product is a DEX that resembles Uniswap. With this product, we focused on L2 solutions because it is faster and cheaper when it comes to transaction fees and we decided on Oprimistic Rollups. Shortly, you can think of our product as a Uniswap version that can work on L2. We will announce further developments about this product at another time.

We will share more detailed information about MeliPAD and MeliSWAP in the future. We aim to protect our MORA holders considering market conditions when we make announcements and product openings.


As Meliora Finance, we aim to build a flawless ecosystem which contains products that provide decentralized lending and borrowing money. We have just set off and there is long way to go. The decentralized world is surely to bring many exciting new things. We are planning to enhance our team in the coming weeks and months and continue to produce new things. Of course, the software or product cannot bring success alone. Success comes with the combination of many different impacts. We have no doubt that you, our society, as one of those impacts, will show us your support throughout this process.

Thank you for your trust and support.

Meliora Finance Team

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