MORA Tokenomics Explained

Overview of the MORA Tokenomics

2 min readMar 16, 2021

Key Metrics:

Ticker: MORA

Token Type: Utility Token

Total Token Supply: 5500000 MORA

Initial Circulating Supply: 2375000 (43% of total supply upon Uniswap listing)

Token Sales

1970000 MORA tokens will be distributed via token sales. This makes 35.80% of total token supply. There will be two rounds of token sale.

  • Early Supporter Round: 450000 MORA Tokens
  • Public Sale Round: 1520000 MORA Tokens
  • There will be no lock-up or vesting on those tokens.


900000 MORA Tokens are allocated for project development, which makes 16.40% of total supply.

· Development tokens will remain locked for 6 months after listing.

· After 6 months, 20% will be released subsequent months to improve the products and ecosystem.

Staking Reserve

1000000 MORA Tokens are allocated for staking reserve, this consists of 18.20% of total supply.

  • Staking reserve tokens will remain locked in the smart contract.
  • Tokens will be distributed to MORA stakeholders.


700000 MORA Tokens are allocated for the team. Team token allocation consists of 12.70% of the total supply.

  • Team tokens will be locked for 6 months after listing.
  • After 6 months, 20% of tokens will be released per month.


405000 MORA Tokens are allocated for marketing budget. Marketing tokens consist of 7.40% of the total supply.

  • 100% of marketing tokens will be unlocked.
  • Most of this fund will be used to introduce Meliora and token sales.
  • Marketing tokens will also be used for giveaway and community rewards purposes.

Liquidity Provision

525000 MORA Tokens are allocated for liquidity provision. They consist of 9.50% of the total supply.

  • After token sales end, all those tokens will be added into Uniswap MORA/ETH pool.
  • Meliora Team will provide ~150 ETH and 525000 Mora Tokens into Uniswap liquidty pool, securing initial listing price 3500 Mora per ETH.
  • Upon listing, LP tokens will be locked through smart contract.

About MORA

Meliora is a Decentralized P2P Cross-chain Swap Protocol. Meliora provides from wallet to wallet, trust-less, permission-less, and secure swaps. Meliora will be one stop trading solution for multichain swaps. Meliora will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos, Polkadot, Tron, Avalanche blockchains.

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