Update on Project Status

3 min readDec 4, 2022


We regret to inform you that we have had to discontinue the Meliwallet service and other product developments. Unfortunately, due to recent developments with regards to funding and project timeline uncertainty, Meliora project has had to come to a halt.

What have we done?

More than 2 years have passed since we started Meliora. In this process, we have offered the Meliwallet product to you, the users. Receiving consultation from experts on legal matters, we had to give up on the in-wallet atomic services we planned for our wallet application and our plan to share the revenue o the platform with our users, as our coin had to be classified as Security in the first place. Because of this, we had to change the content of the project. In the following process, we released the MeliWallet that enables to use hundreds of web3 applications and games directly inside the wallet with the Web3 interface that we integrated into. In order to support many networks, we provided support to new networks by working continuously, within the latest version MeliWallet supports Bitcoin, Multivac, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon and BSC networks.

Afterwards, although we spent a lot of money for the CEX listing, which we made in line with community’s requests, we could not get any tangible results other than inorganic fake volume, and due to unforeseen extra costs, we requested a delist. Another major expense item in which we spent a large part of our fund was marketing. We have worked with many influencers, groups, and promoters for marketing since the first days of the project under the pressure of the community. To be frank, it was all a disappointment. The lesson we learned from this is that marketing in crypto is costly but ineffective, and you must choose the least scam ones out of the scammers. And the project is stuck at this point. We could not get the support we wanted from the projects where we provided built-in support for our product, which we include more and more features every day. As a result, we could not raise our awareness and appeal to a wide range of users.

When we started the project, we did not get VCs in. We thought that we could protect retail investors in this way and could have a strong community but the negative side of this was not being able to get marketing support and not having a strong community as people dump and leave after they make gains. Later, we received some bargain offers from the VCs we interviewed for the project’s funding needs. Whoever we interviewed the offer was pretty simple, VC would win / everyone else would lose.

A while ago, we talked to the projects to arrange the first sale for our MeliPad product, which has been ready to be released, but unfortunately, we did not receive any significant return except for the projects that do not have a product or any project, which we can call scam. With such projects, we did not provide any further meetings so that our users would not be harmed.

For a long time, we have been looking for ways to ensure the sustainability of the project without dumping the tokens we have on our users and not make our users suffer, but we could not find it.

In our project, which we have been trying to keep alive for months, we are no longer able to meet the expenses that we have met with the personal financial support of the team members, and we regret to say that we have to stop the Meliora project.

Team Tokens & Mora Trading?

We have already burnt all the team tokens. The pool will remain available on the Pancakeswap and the trade will continue. Apart from this, our telegram group will be set to read-only mode and if there is a good development in the future, it will be shared with you.


We will end our staking service on December 20th. If you have staked Mora, do not forget to unstake before this date. Any remaining tokens from the staking contract will be burnt.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been successful in the way we set out to manage the project and achieve the goals, and we are very sorry for this. We are grateful for our community’s support.

Mail: info@meliora.finance

Telegram: https://t.me/meliorafinance