Migration Details

2 min readJan 27, 2022

As we all know, the MORA token has been on the Ethereum network since we started our journey and has been traded on Uniswap. While our project was in development, a lot of things changed quickly in the cryptocurrency market. The high gas fees on the Ethereum network negatively affected the MORA transaction volume. As a solution to this, we made the Bitmart exchange listing. After three months, we realized that this step was not enough to solve the problem. For this reason, we made the decision to switch the network and move to the Binance Smart Chain network. However, we decided to part ways with the exchange as they demand money from us to support for this migration. We thought that an exchange that did not provide us with the necessary volume while on the Ethereum network would not contribute to the BSC network since gas is already too low there. We decided to use the amount we stopped spending here for better marketing. As such, MORA trading will no longer be active on Bitmart from January 28. The planned delisting process, which was taken at our own discretion, is as follows:

Deposit suspension: 1/28 10:00 AM EST (15:00 UTC)

Trading suspension: 1/28 10:00 AM EST (15:00 UTC)

Withdraw suspension: 2/28 10:00 AM EST (15:00 UTC)

As we announced earlier, the network change will take place on January 28. The program is as follows:

Uniswap LP removal: 1/28 16:30 UTC

Snapshot of the wallets: 1/28 17:00 UTC

Distribution of BEP20 MORA tokens: 1/28 19:00 UTC

Pancakeswap Liquidity Provision: 1/28 21:00 UTC

P.S. We will set initial listing price as $0.30 on Pancakeswap and MORA will be paired with BNB.

If you are holding MORA tokens on Bitmart, please withdraw them to your personal wallets that you have private keys, seed phrases like MeliWallet, Metamask, Trustwallet before January 28 17:00 UTC. We are aware that you will have to pay some MORA for the transfer fee when withdrawing from the exchange. In order to compensate for the loss of our community members due to this mandatory transaction, +120 MORA will be sent to the wallets that will withdraw from Bitmart. If you have any questions or need help regarding this matter, please contact us.

Onwards and upwards with the strong support of our community!

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